my logo for the sticker archiv hamburg showing that it is hand made


This archive collects all the cool stickers that are publicly displayed
in Hamburg Germany.
Instead of using the commercialized Instagram it lives inthe Fediverse.

What is the archiv

stickers are like clouds. In a moment they are there and visible, in the next they are gone again. Not everyone is looking up to watch them but its worth it.To archive all the cool stickers I see here in hamburg I "founded" the hamburger stickerarchive in the fediverse to collect the work before it vanish.Stickers are art and a public tool to send a message. I think with this in mind its worth preserving and connecting.

What is pixelfed

Pixelfed is a noncommercial human scaled Instagram alternative.There are multiple servers run by different people that are all connected.You have a username on a server like me "Kais" and I am on the Server "" so my username is you can read or look at the posts on other apps and websites that are part of the Fediverse like Mastodon.I know that the algorithm of TikTok or Instagram can bring a lot of people to my content, but I would argue be the change you want to be in the world.

A screenshot explaining the mastodon fediverse

Who is the curator?

Hi! I am Kai from Hamburg.
I speak German + English and I am really interested in:
* stickers
* posters
* websites
* zines
* queer politic
* urban planing
* hobbys and noncommercial living
* developing video games ... etc.

Whats in the future?

What a good question you got there! I don't know. Maybe printing some stickers at home, doing a workshop, going to the Freiraum in the MKG and renting some books in the Bücherhallen.I think I will just low-key continue and try to find + connect, like-minded people. So feel free to reach out.Wenn du oder Sie gerne diese Webseite auf deutsch gelesen hätten schreiben Sie mir gerne eine E-Mail ;)